Why I love Autumn 

Why I love Autumn 

As it is the 1st October today, it seemed only fitting that I do a post about why I love autumn so much. First off though, I would just like to put it out there, what an fabulous summer it has been this year. How spoilt were we though?! An actual old school summer – with DAYS and days of hot weather! How brilliant! 

Anyway, back to my autumn love:

  1. The colours

The amazing variety of shades you get when autumn arrives I find fabulous. I appreciate it can be slightly maudlin as the trees are shedding their leaves etc,. I love the freshness and the vibrant colours that show another year is over. And, in my head, they are preparing for another colourful display next year. The colours that line the canal when some have lost their leaves and others are clinging on is beautiful. 

2.The first frost

For someone who has water for blood (I am that person who will have the heating on in the middle of summer!) this is a strange one. But I love a frosty morning and especially a frosty morning walk with Moo. There is something about being outside and breathing in the *cold, cold* air I love. And especially the first one of the year. I am not that keen on scrapping it off the car, if I am honest, but it does still look magical when it is on the windscreen.

3.The winter boots

In the summer months, I am a cons and flip-flops kinda gal. I will wear my cons as soon as I can and for as long as I can, but I love bringing out the winter boots. I have my trusted and well-worn, yet keep your feet toasty warm Uggs. I know they are not really in fashion anymore, I will not part with. And of course, my gorgeous brown ones. I actually did swaps with mom for these, so well-done mom for the good choice! Getting these both out are a true sign that autumn is here.

4.The log burner

I love our log burner and the beautiful inglenook fireplace. Of course, I love the heat that they give off, that’s a given, it’s me but I also find there is something calming about watching the flames flicker when it is cold outside and you’re all snuggled up inside. Netflix nights, blankets and the log burner are my favourite nights with The Boy.


Before I met The Boy, I admit I wasn’t a massive Strictly fan, he convinced me to watch it and now I love it! We don’t watch a massive amount of TV, but we love going a walk on a Saturday afternoon, coming home and to get the log burner going. And then we can settle down to watch the glitter and dancing with Strictly. It is also a kind of countdown to Christmas when it has started – hurrah!

So there you have my little round up of why I love autumn so much. Of course I missed off my beloved Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but that was a given right?! Let me know why you like autumn or even if you don’t – I would love to know.

Have a fabulous week.

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  1. I love this post. I love everything about autumn you’ve mentioned. Beautiful time of year. X

    1. Thank you! I love spring and autumn for the colours – they’re both beautiful seasons. Xx

  2. I love everything about autumn you’ve mentioned. Beautiful time of year. X

  3. Yay for autumn! The season of a beautiful scenery of coloured leaves and hot drinks to warm up in cool weather x

    And I heard Starbucks will have pumpkin flavour special during the autumn season. Can’t wait.

    To the moon & back>nurulrasya.com

    1. Too true. They have the fabulous part of auto. I love walks that make you want to warm up with a drink when you come in. Xx

    1. Thank you so much 💖

  4. I love autumn too, it’s my favourite time. Our daughter’s birthday, thanksgiving, halloween and one of my parents’ annual visits are all in October.

    1. It’s fabulous. And it sounds like you have the best autumn planned! Hope you have a great time 💖

  5. I love Autumn so much, my absolute favourite thing is being inside wrapped up in a warm jumper with a massive hot chocolate whilst looking out my window at the beautiful colourful trees! Lovely blog post xx


    1. Thank you. Oh that sounds perfect and so snuggly. I love all the colours. They’re gorgeous 💖

  6. I live in the Northeast US & love autumn too. I love the cool weather, going apple picking, and admiring the changing leaves! I’m not a big fan of PSL, but I love pumpkin baked goods… Thinking of making some pumpkin French toast this weekend for breakfast. Mmm.. Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderful things about fall!

    1. Oh pumpkin French toast sounds fabulous. Your autumn must be stunning 💖 Thank you – I love hearing about other people’s autumn loves 💖

  7. I love autumn colours! And the fires, the cold crisp air, sweaters, hot chocolate on cold days and snuggling under a blanket to read

    1. Aww they are just the best. I love the ideas of snuggling with a book, perfect autumn day 🍂🍁

  8. You should do a Autumn Photo shoot. That would be nice 🙂

  9. Jealous of your log burner! One thing I’ve always wanted!!

    1. Oh, it’s the best! I love our log burner – can’t wait to have it on all the time and snuggle down 💖

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