Roaming Around Rome – Part 2

Roaming Around Rome – Part 2

If you read my first post on this, then you will know that I spent a few days in Italy with one of my best friends. If you didn’t, well, you do now! This post is on the time with spent in Rome. If you would like to find out what else I got up to – here is the post that you need.
Going into Rome, we found out that there was a strike on the Metro! As if! Unlike the UK where everything comes to a standstill, in Italy, they still have to ensure the commuters can get to work. How fabulous is that. So, we took full advantage and got into Rome nice and early.
Our first stop was the Non Catholic Cemetery, near to the Pyramid. Agree, it sounds a strange place to visit. Until you stop and think that this is the ONLY non-Catholic cemetery in Rome. It was a beautiful setting considering it was in the middle of a very busy area. Wondering around we were amazed at how many people were buried there. Shelley and Keats and a lot of diplomats and sculptures.
We then walked into the centre of Rome. We stopped for a quick coffee in the sweetest little place with a swing seat! We were so lucky with the weather considering the Metro was on strike!
Have you heard of the view through the keyhole or The Aventine Keyhole? Nopes me neither. I need to quickly add here, all the fabulous places we visited were ideas from my friends equally fabulous mom. She lived here for years and so she is a fountain of knowledge of places to go and see. Anyway we had a lovely walk through the streets of Rome, a nod to how the ‘other half’ live! And in true Rome style, turned a corner and found a gorgeous Church. And also a queue of people waiting to look through a keyhole in a pretty normal door! As Brits do, we obliged and joined the queue with everyone else.
This is the door and this is what you look like when you are looking through it.
And this is the view – I can only apologise as the picture does not do it justice. It was stunning – there is an arch of trees and at the very end the dome of St Peters. If you Google it, there are some stunning pictures. We then headed more into Rome. We stopped at a beautiful garden with orange trees and another fabulous open view of the city!
Walking into Rome we walked around the Colosseum. This is the third time I have visited Rome and every single time it take my breath away! Walking around it was something that I had not done before and it was amazing, to see it from a different view.
As I was with a ‘local’ I got taken to a gorgeous little place for lunch. We started with Carmelle. They are little bits of pancetta wrapped in scamorza cheese and presented like sweets! They were very yummy! I had pasta with pesto and then I even finished with an espresso! ME! Little Miss latte!
After lunch with no real direction, we decideded to just to have a wander around. The main reason before it was an acceptable time to stop and have a cocktail or a glass of wine! We ended up at the Altare della Patria or as I know it, The Wedding Cake. We noticed that people were walking on the terrace so we had a look to see if we could get up there too – luck was in! We were able to get to the terraces. You could go right up to the top – the fear of whooshing up in a clear glass lift put paid to that idea! Heights, Nina and speed are not good. So we continued walking around and stumbled upon a fantastic exhibition! British photographers who had taken pictures of Rome between the 1930s and 1960s. It was so interesting seeing all the streets and familiar tourist hotspots quiet. The iconic fashion and cars of the 1960s were fabulous to see. We really enjoyed walking around it – we were just amazed that it wasn’t advertised properly, we could have easily missed it!
And then tired from walking and walking, we decided to take refuse in a cute little place, we stumbled upon. We had intended to go to the best gin bar in the city, but alas it wasn’t open until later! And if you read my previous post, we had a date with an authentic carbonara to make!
But how cute and the wine was delightful end to a day walking around Rome! Rumour has it, we walked 20,000 steps – I think the wine was well earned!
I hope you enjoyed my day walking around a Rome – I definitely enjoyed seeing ‘off the beaten track’ tourist spots!
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    1. Thank you! I loved visiting different places Xx

    1. Oh, how lucky to visit for work! Yes, check out the places – they are lovely. What do you do that takes you to Rome? Xx

  1. Felt like I was right there with you.!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed writing it Xx

  2. Hey Nina, love your post. First of all, I loved the name you have given to this journey “Roaming around Rome” 🙂 It was an enjoyable journey ! Thank you for taking us to Rome through your beautifully written post. I enjoyed it thoroughly and the places you mentioned are awesome. Hope someday will visit Italy & Rome! But, till then I am happy that you have taken us there. Thank you for this tour & letting us see with you. 🙂 x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I really enjoyed the trip and loved revisiting it whilst writing it! I hope you get to go – its a fabulous place Xx

    1. Thanks Chloe! The keyhole was amazing! Such a little hidden gem. I know, a lot of steps! Fabulous to walk around though Xx

    1. Thank you. It’s fabulous isn’t it! Can’t wait to go back 💙

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