Places I still want to visit

Places I still want to visit

Happy Monday! I cannot believe we are well into October and we only have three months left of the year! How fast has this year flown?! There are still a few places that I would like to visit before the year is out, so I thought I would share these with you.

First up is a spa! I really hope that the bestie is reading this and realising that I am finally setting the plans in motion to sort it out! We have discussed this for most of the year. I am the  one that hasn’t actually put the plans in place to sort it out. So this me attempting to sort it out. To book the time off and finally have a day of pampering. We have been researching where we would like to go. It really is just a matter of me pinning down some time – sorry about that!

I love love love Christmas, if you did not know, trust me, this will become very apparent! Countdown app on your phone is September anyone?! Nopes just me?! Anyway, I also love a good Christmas market. There does not have to be a great deal there for me to love it – cute little huts, mulled wine, some sort of food and of course some fab people to be there with ♥ There are a couple that we could visit: Birmingham or Telford, so I am very much looking forward to going.

After our few days away last week, I am desperate to go back to the beach! A fabulous windy day at the beach would be perfect, kite flying would just be the icing on the cake. We are looking to go away in November, so to prevent any sort of cheating, this is another day or weekend away – where our sole purpose is to ‘play’ on the beach ♥ Plus Moo loves the sea almost as much as me, so we would be doing it for our little girl too.

I have said for ages that I want to visit a National Trust House at Christmas! When it is all lit up and the gorgeous Christmas trees are about. I love taking Moo and meeting friends there, but I have never managed it at Christmas, yet! I cannot wait to do this. Even if everyone is so booked up, The Boy and I can just walk Moo around and end up with a fabulous hot chocolate. He will love it. well kind of, think if I offer a pub stop on the way he might be a little more willing 🙂

Last year we went with my nephew to see the fireworks. There was us (me and The Boy), mom, my brother, sister in law, nephew and his friend. It was so much fun. There was a little bit of a fair, which the kids loved. The Health and Safety professional in me had to turn away several times- little bit awks! But the fireworks were so much fun! I should really be looking for another one for us to visit, does anyone have suggestions that are Shropshire/North Wales way?

So there you have it, my little list of places to visit. Hope that you’re week is goes well, at least Monday is done with – hurrah!

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  1. I hope your able to visit all those places before the year is up. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks. I’m hoping so, need to get planning 💖

  2. Hi Nina!
    if you love Christmas markets (and I do too!!) I would suggest you plan a visit to Zurich, Switzerland. The city has several ones and they are all super super cute!!!! And if you are lucky enough, it will be snowing and I have to tell, you really have the impression that Santa Claus is going to show up soon :))))
    And if you add it to your list, let me know. I could meet you for a glühwine!

    1. Oh that’s sounds fabulous! I have been to Germany a couple of times and loved them!! Awww the snow sounds fabulous!! A glühwine sounds perfect! 💖

  3. Can i be your travel bestie. I am from The Bahamas and i love to travel when i can afford it.

  4. I love christmas too! I’m determined to visit some festive markets in Europe this December but picking just one city is hard! German cities look like they have some fab ones though!!? 🎅< It's not too early for santa emoji x

    1. I won’t be able to do the proper Christmas markets this year but I’m hoping next year I can visit at least one. It is never too early for 🎅 The mini German ones I did a few years ago were fab. Which ones are you looking at visiting? 💖

      1. I was looking at Frankfurt and Nuremberg and of course Berlin! I just want to get something booked now 🎅

        1. Have you seen the one in the caves. I can’t remember where it is, but it looks fab 🎅 xx

  5. I love a good fireworks display! Especially with a proper hot dog or burger afterwards! I am with you on the countdown to Christmas though! I want to go to a couple of Christmas Markets at least this year!!

    1. Oh I forgot about getting a hot dog – especially from a stall! All wrapped up is a perfect firework night xx

      1. They’re the best aren’t they! Proper hat, scarf and gloves weather!!!

        1. It’s the wrapping up and then coming back in the warm too. Love it 💖

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