Holidaying in Machynlleth

Holidaying in Machynlleth

Last weekend we spent a few days stopping in Machynlleth, basically visiting all the beaches around. What can i say, I love the sea! Being a Gemini and an Air sign, I quite clearly didn’t get the memo…

We stopped at The Wynnstay, Machynlleth. We love charming hotels with old interior and plenty of character and this hotel was full of it: gorgeous beams and open fires.

Borth Beach

When we arrived on Sunday, the sun was shining and being the sea obsessive I am, the draw of visiting Borth was too much: we checked in, dropped our bags in the room and headed straight out to the beach. When we arrived, it was so blustery but fab. I love being at the beach when it is windy. I used to come here during the summer holidays: Just look how gorgeous it is!

We spent an hour or so walking along here on Sunday. Meg was in her element, she loved paddling in and out of the sea and as it was so windy, she was forever running after the ball. #quickwaystowearoutabordercollie


On Monday as neither of us could remember whether we had actually been to Barmouth recently (our conversation about this confused me!), we decided to have a trip up there. It was a gorgeous drive with the sun shining the whole time. How lucky were we?! We went straight to the beach, obvs Meg loved this, we walked along the ‘other side’ of the harbour to sit down and throw the ball for Meg.

Paddling in and out of the sea – had her pigs been there, it would have been heaven for her. We then took a walk into town and stopped for an ice cream. End of september and we were sitting in the sun with an ice cream watching the world go by – does it get much better?! Yes, yes it does as we spotted an arcade across the road

Two penny push anyone…..? How much fun can you have with a tub of 2p’s – a lot if you are me and The Boy! Just before we left, I picked up the traditional fridge magnet (which if you are us – is basically all the places in Wales we have been…) and found the second BEST things – a kite! I was giggy with excitement. We’d already planned to go back to Borth, y’know just because, but now we had the THE BEST excuse.

Back to Borth

Although not as windy as Sunday, there was enough wind to fly our kite! Our heart soared with the kite – it was so much fun. We spent a fab hourish, swapping turns, throwing the kite up and trying to keep it airborne. So much fun!

It was great to have a few days away with The Boy and not do a great deal. The only demand we, sorry I, placed upon us was to make sure that we were back in our room to watch The Bodyguard. There would have been far, far too many spoilers about before we were home to watch it! Apart from that lazy breakfast, walks along the beach and fun with my favourites made this an amazing couple of days away. Cannot wait to book our next one.

Thank you The Wynnstay and Travelzoo! Has anyone got any tips for when we go back?

Lots of love

Nina xx

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  1. Great photos! I love the beach so much and 2p arcade machines are so much fun 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am so drawn to the beach. And you cannot beat a seaside arcade. So much fun 💖

  2. Sounds really fun. Doggyloves clearly having a blast. 💕

    1. Thank you. It was fabulous 💖

  3. I love the beach life and hey! they ice cream got me going here-lolz😍 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. Beach life is great – wish we lived closer 💖

  4. Number one, I’m going to steal your dog to add to my already existing menagerie. Two, I’ve never been here but I haven’t actually been fortunate to travel outside of the US yet (and I’m 29) but I love following travel blogs like this because they remind me that it’s possible to make it happening and I’m not sure how to say it but keep me inspired to maintain traveling as a priority, especially realistic pictures like yours. I mean I love the really posed pictures that look like they could be on the front of Elle or something but these types of pictures that more closely resemble the experience I would have are probably more effective for me so thank you :).

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. Meg is lovely – she’s our little star. You should definitely visit Wales – it’s so pretty ( but make sure you’re prepared for rain!). 💙

  5. Lovely photos! I definitely need a little holiday like this. Nothing quite like the sea air, is there?

    1. Thanks lovely. I love the sea air – it’s fabulous. And breaks like this are fab – couple of days away from normality x

  6. It looks so pretty there. I love beach holidays – they are so relaxing!

    1. Agree! There is something so calming about the sea. There is nothing better. I love it when it’s windy too x

  7. I always say it’s not a holiday if you don’t get to go on a 2p arcade machine! Loved the post xx

    1. Oh, I could not agree more. They’re so much fun. Thank you lovely x

  8. I’m such a massive fan of the sea since I grew up in a seaside town, so this post has me feeling all the nostalgia! Great photos x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. You’re so lucky. I’d have loved it. Thank you x

  9. Beautiful post. I have never been to Machynlleth. Thank you for putting it on my radar. Your photos are amazing, especially the one with the kite on the beach. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. It’s such a sweet little town! The kite flying was so much fun. I loved it x

    1. Thank you. I can imagine in winter and especially during Christmas it would be delightful. Xx

  10. Sounds like a lovely few days! Glad the weather was so perfect!

    1. Thank you. We were so lucky. Windy beaches are my absolute favourite x

    1. Thank you. It was lovely. I’d love to go back there x

  11. I love the colors of these photos. Gorgeous beams of wood and of light, the reds and the blues, and grays and grains of beach and sky. The sun’s glistening rays make parts a beach look a layer of gold, out from silvery ocean waters. Wow, ice cream an kites too. Heavenly.

    1. Thank you. I love the pictures of Meg in the sea x

  12. Your beach photos are gorgeous! They look very much like Kinshaldy beach just outside Dundee, which is also miles and miles of nothing very much – which is what makes it so special. I’ve not thought about Wales as a staycation spot but I’ll have to look into it now! 🙂

    Lisa |

    1. Oh Kinshaldy sounds like somewhere I’d love! Yes, you need to try Wales. It’s beautiful 😍 I love it, we’re off along the coast there in November. Xx

  13. I’ve just spotted this post in your sidebar and had to read! Me and my boyfriend stayed near Machynlleth a couple of years ago and loved it

    Liv x

    1. Aw it’s so cute isn’t it! Where did you stop? 💖

    1. I love it. We’re lucky enough to live just on the border. Off on holiday again next week – can’t wait. Thanks for reading lovely Xx

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